Web Labels

Web Labels

Web labels are especially designed to label beverage containers. These labels make the product look special and are easily attachable due to their advanced mechanical properties.

The printing substrates can be:

  • plastic (OPP, PE, PET, PVC, Cellulose acetate, Cellophane) -- white, transparent or metallic;
  • paper: 40-150 g/mp.


  • excellent appearance on the labeled container, on the transparent, white or metallic printing substrate;
  • outstanding print quality -- clear colors and flawless uniformity;
  • high efficiency -- ideal for fast labeling, with no losses;
  • little deformation of labels, due to stretch-resistance of plastic materials in machine direction;
  • superior, strong and resistant adhesion of hot adhesive;
  • environmental friendly -- they can be recycled along with PET containers.