Non-food packaging

Pachete de țigări

Packaging for Tobacco Packs

To cover your needs for foils and various laminates in the tobacco industry, Rodata can use the rotogravure technology when printing both the components of soft-packs and of hard-packs.

Various laminates containing paper, plastic or aluminum parts are made in excellent graphic conditions, including embossing with customized pattern.

You can also rely on alphanumerical codes print needed in marketing campaigns of the lottery or raffle type.

Cosmetice, produse de întreținere și farmaceutice

Cosmetics, HealthCare and Pharmaceuticals Packaging

With Rodata, your access to various films for all important applications in the healthcare, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industry is assured:
  • single dose;
  • multi-packs;
  • stick-packs;
  • sachets.

The flawless hygiene of your products is guaranteed by the use of certified procedures and strict hygiene control, from the purchase of the raw materials to the packing and storing of the final products.

Rotogravure printing guarantees high quality printing while "cold-seal" or variable promo codes printing applications offer important options for marketing campaigns.

Produse casnice

Household Goods Packaging

  • attractive;
  • user-friendly;
  • at a competitive price.

Rodata has a wide variety of options and technologies for you to choose from and helps you find the best packaging for your products.

Using rotogravure printing technology, packaging benefits from the highest quality graphics -- an important argument for the marketing of your products.