Food packaging

Soft Drinks & Mineral Water

Soft Drinks and Mineral Water Packaging

In the field of plastic-based labels, both the classic type and the sleeve type, Rodata provides you with the market leader's services. With Rodata, you can have any type of label you wish in the best conditions:
  • fast;
  • at the highest quality level possible;
  • at a competitive price.
The plastic labels for soft drinks and mineral water can be tailored for promotional campaigns using the necessary special effects (peel-off, scratch-off, coin reactive labels, etc.). By constant development and investment in modern technology, Rodata's plastic labels are always at the highest technological level worldwide. In Rodata's clients portfolio one can find all important soft drinks producers, but we take orders of any size, even smaller ones.

Alcoholic Beverages and Alimentary Liquids

Alcoholic Beverages and Alimentary Liquids Packaging

Beer is the most popular alcoholic beverage in Romania and Europe, and beer producers first appeal to Rodata for high quality labels, with advanced graphics that enhance the design of beer containers.

It is also Rodata that can provide you with regular and sleeve-type labels for many other alimentary liquid packaging.

Your labels, made by Rodata, can be customized using the advantages of special printing (peel-off, scratch-off, coin reactive labels, etc.) that will play a major part in promoting your products and boosting the efficiency of marketing campaigns.

With Rodata, you'll always benefit from cutting-edge technology in the field of alcoholic beverages and alimentary liquids labels.

Salty Snacks

Snacks Packaging

Rotogravure printing technology guarantees excellent graphics of the packaging for a more attractive product.

With Rodata, you can have any type of snacks packaging:

  • OPP packaging with 1-3 layers;
  • packaging with selective barrier;
  • double-sided printing packaging;
  • promo variable encoded laminates packaging.


Confectionery Packaging

With Rodata rotogravure printing solutions for confectionery packaging you have access to the most advanced technologies, including the "cold seal" applications and variable promo codes.

We can have both individual packaging and general packaging made for you.

The rich experience of Rodata in making packaging for the confectionery industry guarantees that your needs and demands will be perfectly understood and your packaging will always follow the market trends.

Baked Goods

Baked Goods Packaging

With Rodata, you can have all types of packaging for baked goods:
  • stand up pouches;
  • over wraps;
  • single serve packs.

To protect the product, Rodata chooses the films that can assure an optimum selective barrier, considering also a competitive final cost.

By using the rotogravure printing technology, packaging is printed at the highest quality level possible, as design could turn out to be a decisive factor in the sales success.

Specialty Food

Special Food Packaging

Sugar, flour, dried kidney beans, dried fruits, dehydrated products and a wide variety of special food products will find the right packaging with Rodata.

Rodata is able to provide you with:

  • packaging with strict barrier properties to maintain the freshness and quality of these special food products;
  • packaging with advanced graphics to raise demand among customers and differentiate them from the products of the competition;
  • partially transparent packaging for the presentation of the product itself.

Frozen Food

Frozen Food Packaging

With Rodata you can achieve all the range of packaging for frozen food, regardless of whether your product will be displayed in a freezer window or sold through a distribution network.

Using lamination technology and high-quality rotogravure graphics, Rodata makes sure your packaging is:

  • resistant;
  • with maximum visual effects;
  • at a competitive price.