Linerlessself-adhesive labels ™

Linerless Self-Adhesive Labels ™

The principle of linerless self-adhesive labels: the adhesive is appplied on the printing substrates before labeling, while printing. Then, the adhesive is reactivated in the client's labeling machine, by simple wetting it.

Your advantages come from not needing the solution for sticking the labels on containers any more: reduced costs and expenses with the maintenance of the labeling device.

Very important: you'll use the existing device, with no modifications.

The technology for linerless self-adhesive labels is developed inside Rodata, based on our long experience in this field. 

This technology for linerless self-adhesive labels brought a registered patent with the Romanian State Office for Inventions and Trademarks published in 2004, which is also in process of international certification.